Say goodbye to Facebook blocking, and start expanding your ads

We provide for you

  • Everything you will need to ensure the continuity of your advertising campaigns and avoid random Facebook blocking:

– Facebook accounts activated with an ID card

– Business manager accounts

– Facebook pages


  • Exclusive access to the strategies, structures, and guidelines used by the world’s most successful marketers.

  • Our Facebook ecosystem is designed to help you expand your business to outpace the big numbers, and provide the support and resources you need to achieve your goals.

Our Services


Old pages
Verified pages
Pages with likes

Business Manager

Business Manager Notarized
Business Manager Old
Business Manager Limited to $250

Personal Facebook accounts

Old Facebook profiles
Verified Facebook profiles (2 line)
Verified Facebook profiles (3 line)

Why Us ?

Safe & Effective System

  • We provide you with a comprehensive service to create a complete system for your e-commerce store.
  • Organized accounts to ensure the continuity and security of Facebook advertising campaigns.
  • The ads will not stop, even if one or more accounts are banned.
  • No valuable data or pixels will be lost.
  • A dedicated team focused on merit and efficiency.


$ 159 Monthly
  • 2 Verified Facebook Accounts (2line)
  • Verified Facebook Account (3line)
  • Verified Ad Account Limit $50 + 2 Business Manager
  • x2 Facebook Page
  • 3 Day Warranty
  • 1 Replacement
  • Setup in Anti-Discovery Browser
  • Live Support


$ 99 Monthly
  • 2 Verified Facebook Accounts (2line)
  • Verified Ad Account Limit $50 + Business Manager
  • Facebook Page
  • 3 Day Warranty
  • One Replacement
  • Anti-Browser Setup
  • Live Support


$ 229 Monthly
  • 3 verified Facebook accounts (2line)
  • 2 verified Facebook accounts (3line)
  • 1 Verified ad account Limit $50 + 3 Business Manager
  • x3 Facebook page
  • 7 day warranty
  • 3 replacements
  • Setup in an anti-discovery browser
  • Live Support
Ads Master


How long does it take to get my Facebook assets back after purchase?

Our delivery times vary depending on the specific asset you purchased, but generally we deliver within 12-24 hours after payment confirmation.

How secure are your assets on Facebook?

We take the security of our Facebook assets very seriously and have implemented a number of measures to ensure their safety. These include using undiscovered browsers to create accounts, verifying identities with identity documents, and applying two-factor authentication for added protection. We also regularly monitor our accounts for any signs of unusual activity to ensure their continued security.

What are the restored personal accounts on Facebook?

Recovered Facebook profiles are accounts that were previously restricted by Facebook, but were later restored after going through a review process and verified by submitting an identification document.

Why are restored Facebook profiles better for running ads?

 It's the best because it's already been through a review process and verified with an identification document, which builds trust with Facebook.

Do you offer any guarantees on your Facebook assets?

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our Facebook assets and offer a 3-day replacement guarantee for any accounts that run into problems or are restricted within the first 3 days of use. We strive to provide reliable, long-term solutions for our customers, and will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.